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Fantastical Market

As a kid growing up in India, every Sunday my grandma used to take us to a night market, This was where we got to buy a lot of things since they were second-hand items and a lot cheaper! I remember how I used to go crazy and just wanted everything due to the abundance of items. Also this summer, I spent my time in San francisco and I got to experience the liveliness and culture of night markets! Through this piece I hope to create a fantastical market place where rare/extinct goods are sold.

I am taking most of my inspiration from actual markets around the world and seeing how they are organized and the different shapes and patterns they form.

Technical Challenge

A night Market involves an abundance of items, so I figured it would be easier if I made a script that populates piles of items procedurally. This tool became really in the entirety of this piece, with the buildings, props and items.

Work In Progress(Render)