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Houdini is an amazing and efficient tool when modeling or set dressing procedurally. I modeled assets seen above in maya and imported them into Houdini as individual USD objects. I designed a system where the Artist can paint anywhere on the imported terrain mesh and buildings will populate and specific control is given to creating more randomization, density and also normal values for the buildings. I created an Artist-Friendly User Interface to control these variables.

3D Music Visualizer

I love working with 3D and code, so I decided to make a music visualizer to some of my tunes. I used python to achieve this effect through processing. Please click on the links below to see it real time!

Python Lantern Simulation

I created this interactive lantern simulation in which the user can navigate through these field of lanterns. The lanterns are simulated with random forces and shapes

Interactive 2D Volumetric Lighting

I created this interactive drawing tool for recreating the volumetric 3D lighting effect in 2D. Everything done in Python processing

App Design (Tinder for Animals)

I designed these prototype images of an Application Idea I had to make a TInder version for animals. I thought it would be a great idea to show the crude and hilarious way Tinder works but with animals.