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Incredible Concept by Craig Mullins. I was really inspired by this painting and I wanted to bring this sense of awe/wonder into my work! All modeling done in Maya, Procedural Set dressing done in Houdini. It was my first time learning Houdini and it was absolutely amazing! I built a User Interface in Houdini where artists can change density of buildings, rotation and normal values. From start to finish, completed in 8 days. I want to thank my amazing mentors Greg Peltz, Matthew Benson and Cati Grasso! Rendered in Renderman's Ambient Occlusion.
For this piece, I chose an object with a high level of complexity in modeling and shading.All modeling done in Maya. Procedural shading and fur done in Katana. Rendered through the pipeline in Katana.

 I wanted to challenge myself to create all aspects of the 3D pipeline and tell a story through the environment. Modeled mainly in Maya and Zbrush for creating displacement maps. Procedural shading and lighting done in Arnold. I used Photoshop, substance painter to paint textures and began learning Mari as well. All set dressing done by me


 Amazing concept art by Christopher Lee. I was really inspired by this image and wanted to create a 3D rendering of such a stylized piece. Everything modeled and lit in Maya.I used Photoshop to paint textures. I also did an alternative lighting look for a night time scene!


I was inspired by architecture of different cultures and places. I took inspiration from Asian and German style houses. I did procedural shading using Arnold and textures through Photoshop. Everything  Lit and modeled in Maya.I also did a composite of the different render layers in Maya and compiled them in After Effects for the night scene.

SHORT FILM PROPS :Responsible for Texturing/Shading

I wanted to challenge myself by creating a hybrid vehicle, taking inspiration from vintage cars and Victorian carriages. I loved combining the different parts of vehicles and creating something entirely new! I practiced modeling small details with this piece. AO pass and everything modeled in Maya.


 Beautiful Concept by Paul Felix. I added and changed a lot of the dimensions of the room and placement of objects. Modeling and set dressing done in Maya. I used ncloth simulation for many of the clothing pieces in this set.

Concept By: Atomic Hawk Design
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Work In Progress
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